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I'm David Durand, M.D., and I currently do consultations for both pathologists and patients in Uropathology (Genitourinary Pathology) with a particular focus on prostate cancer diagnosis.  I am the former Director of Surgical Pathology at Stony Brook University Hospital where I was the Head of Uropathology and an Attending in Cytology.  Prior to that, as the Associate Medical Director at UroCor® (a Uropathology company subsequently bought by Dianon®/LabCorp® ), I reviewed thousands of prostate and bladder biopsies as well as thousands of urine and bladder wash specimens. 

In my reviews, I often correct diagnoses of other pathologists who are well meaning, but who did not have the opportunities I have had to 1) Train with the best prostate pathologist in my experience bar none (John McNeal, M.D. while I was at Stanford University Medical Center), as well as 2) diagnose many thousands of prostate biopsies at UroCor and then at Stony Brook University, where I directed the Department of Surgical Pathology and the Division of Uropathology.

I look forward to consulting with you whether you are a pathologist or a patient.  Your privacy is assured (HIPAA Privacy Practices Statement can be read at this link: HIPAA-SLPTM).  You can reach me at 424-234-6401 between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm ET Monday through Friday.  You can also reach me via the contact page in the menu above.

I invite you to email me via the contact page (click above) and give me an idea of the details of your case, so we can set up a time for a consultation by phone and a slide review if appropriate.

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